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    JVC Logo Instruction Book for Model:  GY-HM70E    

You will find the instruction-book as a pdf-file here.
Please open the file with Acrobat Reader.
If you want to download Acrobat Reader please click here.

   Model Name File size Language
   GY-HM70E B5A-2179-00_EN_DE_FR.pdf   4.05 MB English, French, German
   GY-HM70E B5A-2179-01_ES_IT_RU.pdf   4.16 MB Spanish, Italian, Russian
   GY-HM70E LYT2624-008A.pdf   20.81 MB English (Detailed User Guide)
   GY-HM70E LYT2624-009A.pdf   20.88 MB German (Detailed User Guide)
   GY-HM70E LYT2624-010A.pdf   20.86 MB French (Detailed User Guide)
   GY-HM70E LYT2624-011A.pdf   20.87 MB Spanish (Detailed User Guide)
   GY-HM70E LYT2624-012A.pdf   20.86 MB Italian (Detailed User Guide)
   GY-HM70E LYT2624-013A.pdf   21.24 MB Russian (Detailed User Guide)
   GY-HM70E LYT2646-001A-M.pdf   4.17 MB English, German, French (Basic user guide)
   GY-HM70E LYT2646-002A-M.pdf   4.29 MB Russian, Spanish, Italian (Basic User Guide)

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